Raw Materials
Materials selected to meet the performance criteria of AS1315 & AS2758.1.

Compressive Strength
Nominal 30 Mpa - Higher to specific order.

Dimensional Tolerance
Thickness + 3mm
Length & Width + 1.5mm

Arises of the exposed face of the paver have a rounded edge of no more than 3mm radius or not exceeding the maximum size of the aggregate used.

Flatness & Bowing
Maximum deviation from a 350mm straight edge placed in any central position on the wearing surface of each paver shall not exceed 3mm.

Moisture Content & Total Absorption
Maximum 9% Typical as tested 5%

Slip Resistance
Plain Finish: Tested to meet AS4586 Class X
Sand Finish: Tested to meet AS4586 Class V
Stone Finish: Tested to meet AS4586 Class V

Salt Resistance
Tested to AS4456.10.2003- Typical mean loss less than 0.2% of sample mass

Plain Finish: Smooth off mould
Sand Finish: Shotblasted to give a textured slip resistant surface
Stone Finish: Shotblasted to expose the aggregates contained within the matrix

Traffic Type
Gattistone pavers are suitable for both pedestrian and light vehicle traffic when bedded correctly for that application.

Colour Variance
Due to variances in natural aggregates and sands there may be slight discrepancy to sample color. To limit the potential of colour variation it is recommended that complete paving requirements be purchased at one time.

Efflorescence is a natural and unpredictable occurrence during the curing of concrete SVC Products Pty Ltd does not warrant its product against this reaction.

Specific requirements available on request.