S.V.C Quality

Delivering value since 1948

SVC Products Pty Ltd has been operating since 1948, supplying quality concrete products to consumers throughout Victoria. The firm is privately owned, with hands on involvement of owners.

The Company has a strong management team, characterized by long periods of service and a commitment to ongoing development of product and service standards. By working together for long periods, repeatability of quality outcomes is cost effectively achieved.

Processes used at our manufacturing sites at Braeside and Thomastown have been progressively refined and are continuously monitored to achieve the quality and consistency sought by our customers. A feature of product monitoring is the close involvement of customer service staff with manufacturing, to provide independent audit of deliveries and prompt feedback of any corrective action required.

As our processes involve review by staff independent of the activity being monitored, in the form required by AS/NZS ISO 9001 2000, we have elected not to utilize external auditing. This course of action provides flexibility to adopt customer specific product quality processes where these are required.

Our processes have been internally audited for product quality, occupational health and safety and environmental suitability.

Customer specific quality systems have been implemented where product has been supplied to projects where a site specific quality system has been adopted. We offer this flexibility to all customers.